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Hello, I am Jennie McDowell creator and maker of all things at DO-WELL DESIGN.

I am a gardening lover, vegetable grower, explorer of nature and self-proclaimed wood womble who has always loved to make things with whatever I find around me. I live and work in South London mere miles from where I grew up.

Whilst studying product design at Nottingham Trent University, I spent my placement year at a design studio in Norway. I lived in an isolated village with a culture of craft. This time inspired my way of living as a creative; I fully immersed myself in nature without the distraction of city life.

Continuing in my final year, I travelled to sustainably managed woodlands in the heart of the Cotswolds and made a chair using only traditional pole lathe techniques and hand tools. Transforming a tree to a finished piece of furniture piqued my interest in the origins of materials and the life cycle of products.

Upon graduation, I was keen to continue my passion for everything wooden and woodturning. I purchased a lathe and joined a local woodturning group, developing my skills and knowledge of the woodworking process. I took on roles working for a sculptural furniture producer and as director of a wood recycling project. Seeing the potential in the offcuts at both these workplaces, I started sticking pieces together to create larger pieces of wood. This eventually led to my signature stripe pattern you see today.

My passion continues to make every piece of material shine, using simple forms with subtle intelligence. Making distinctive products such as bowls, lamps and vases to bring joy into your home.

If you would like to get in touch, ask about commissions or find out more please contact me via email –

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  • Winner Seek and Adore - Great British Makers 2012, Sustainability category and Britain’s favourite Designer Maker award.
  • Kevin McCloud's Green Heroes for 2011.
  • Awarded Project of the year, Nottingham Trent University 2011.