Bow Chair

Completion Year: 2011

Bow is an elm and ash chair made using green woodworking techniques deep in sustainably managed woodlands. The freshly cut timber allowed the bows and turned forms to be easily made using a pole lathe and shave horse. Such simple techniques mean that electricity is not needed in manufacture. Exploiting the shrinkage of the green timber makes for a strong, long lasting piece of seating. This provides an infinite lifespan, providing an heirloom for the future. The silhouettes hidden in between the spindles reflect the meeting and sharing of Bows owners through its lifetime.

Bow is an adaptable and flexible piece of seating. This provides the owner with the opportunity to use it in a range of situations, both in the home and other environments. The deep carved seat provides comfort, the smooth curved bows elegance. A practical handmade piece, to be both admired and treasured.

Winner of ‘Project of the Year’, Nottingham Trent University


Completion Year: 2010/2011

Biobox is made from an organic composite grown using mushroom spores and agricultural waste. This makes them 100% natural and they are manufactured using minimal amounts of energy.

The Biobox is easy to use and store in the home kitchens. Once full, the Biobox can collected by the council or be planted in the ground where it quickly biodegrades to form compost. The lids have been  impregnated with carefully selected seed varieties.  This means that, once planted, the box will  grow  flowers and vegetables.

Selected as one of ‘Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes’  2012